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Mega Beedrill

If anyone brings that anywhere near me let them know that I will not ever talk to them ever again

Day ##: Too many new Mega Evolutions confirmed

Still no Mega Liepard


ive been sleeping a thousand years it seems

You said you would sleep then never came back

I was about to travel to your Gym to visit you

I’m going to do it

I’m going to draw

wirefree replied to your post:wirefree replied to your post:wirefree replied to…

yes! did you think i wasn’t going to take advantage of that

Bebe why not just use my lovely crayon drawings

wirefree replied to your post:wirefree replied to your post:I’m going to help…

yeah, so, i’ll make a few scribbles and you can autograph them…and then we can get rich

Bebe that’s then stealing your art why would I autograph them

Is this going back to that being a member of the elite four thing

wirefree replied to your post:I’m going to help Bebe break the stream of art …

whoa…we can sell the art to try-hards and get rich, are you with me?

Bebe we can’t just take their art and sell it

We could always make our own

I’m going to help Bebe break the stream of art

However the art is touching and I did actually buy a print for my apartment


ive had enough of the amazing art in the queue

Then bring back the Fox Force Five


voltorb-flip said: I found my Christmas present for him. I call it.

ok fine, i was planning on giving him printed fanfiction and charcoal anyway


…Wait, what sort of fanfiction